Model Summary

Type: Bottom-up, energy system model
Spatial scale: Taiwan single region
Temporal scale: 3 seasons (Spring/Summer/Fall & Winter), 2 days (Weekday/Weekend), 11 intraday periods

A major feature of TIMES consists of its flexibility of time resolution setting, which can be defined by the user with as much or as detail as desired. In Taiwan TIMES Model, each year is divided into spring/summer/autumn & winter, weekdays/weekend and eleven divisions per day (totaling 66 periods per year, shown in Figure 1). This expansion of time resolution needs electricity consumption profiles for each sector and profiles for the availability of renewable energy to be assumed for the different days and seasons. In addtion, Taiwan TIMES Model can be run for any time horizon up to 2050.

Taiwan TIMES Model (as stated above)
Figure1 Time-slices of Taiwan TIMES Model